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6 email mistakes

Happy holidays! It’s that season when frequency of emails increases — especially in the retail sector — in expectation of driving extra revenue from online presence and at the behest of higher management.
Unfortunately, many companies make mistakes in hurry of improving frequency of email and revenue, and it cost them the same revenue and conversion for which they are working so hardly. Here are some common holiday email errors promoters makes – and tips for preventing them and making the most of the season:

1st Mistake: Delivering extra emails in one week, just because you can.
Increasing your frequency without caution can lead to more unsubscribes and junk. To avoid this situation, we always recommend starting gradually when improving the frequency. Preferably, you would begin this process a few months in advance – for example, improving from three emails per weeks time to four in Oct, then five around Black Friday. If it’s too delayed for that, you can still poke up your frequency progressively, including one or two per weeks time rather than all at once.
2nd Mistake: Inconsistent sending times and messaging.
It is very important to being consistent about delivery time during Christmas. Consider scheduling the emails or employing a feature such as auto scheduler , which can help keep emails top of mind (and inbox). Your texting should also be constant when it comes to CTA, landing page experience, subject lines and value-add claims such as free delivery.
3rd Mistake: Falling short to promote free delivery in emails.
Speaking of delivery, clients need to understand their options. Free delivery is a value-added service  that should be promoted consistently. You should consider including it in the subject line of the email.
4th Mistake: False or less inventory count on website.
If you send your clients landing page which have less or out of stock products, it will make them angry. Because you are advertising your products more through email, you will want to organize with marketing on timing of promotion. This will ensure sufficient stock is available before hitting “send” on that promotional holiday email.
5th Mistake: Doing “Flash Sales”.
The other online sales revenue could get affected due to this type sales and it can also dilute your revenue. Plan your emails more tactically in holiday season. For example, if you know Friday is your best sending day, position your best offers on Fridays, saving extra emails for cyber monday and black friday weeks. Customers are not amazed to listen from suppliers more often during now and then.
6th Mistake: Forget to organize bounces, spam complaints or unsubscribes.
Among the thrill, keep in mind to make sure your emails are being received. You do not want a rise in frequency to have a negative effect on a clean data source and income.
In the end, the right balance between income and list churn is all what matter. Here is to sending more — and more successful emails — this vacation season!



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