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Perhaps it is the most essential factor in every promotional field whether it is in PPC ads or promotion via email. Very often I get emails and I see ads very eye-catching and wonderful, they can get anyone feel like to do something the only issue is they lack obvious call to action approach. I don't know what the publisher or email sender want me to do, like where should I just click, which link to adhere to, where to purchase. 
Not having a clear call to action will fall short to turn the visitor into client, even for those promotional campaigns which have more than average open rate. You don't want to mix up your receiver about what to do with the information/offer you sent, if they think too much, then they will get confused and just close the email or landing page. There are many components associated with call to action, such as words, graphics, placement even color scheme, style and font etc.
These are some of the most basic ideas, by following which you can improve the call to action approach in your any of your campaign.

Use of strong verb: A good call to action approach will tell your visitors two things:
What are they going to get?
A sense of time limitation and urgency. 
For example:
  • Sign up now and get 25% off – People always like discounts and this will surely attract them
  • Download this ebook for free – People like free stuff too as they like discounts.
  • Subscribe now and get latest updates – This type of call to action is always great for news blogs and newsletters.

Use colorful buttons for impact: Strong written text with vibrant background in call to action approach are great deviation from an email full of easy written text. These types of buttons will enforce the prospective visitor to take action. Use color and contrast in your buttons, this is the best way to lure the attention of your visitor. Make sure and check some variations also to ensure the potency of it.

Make it loud and clear: Counting on “Click here” is not enough to interact with a client. A link or a button is noticeable command to take action, but induce to  interact with  the client on the path of conversion must be obvious, eye-catching, and provide as much information as possible in just few words. Keep it straight and easy, you may want them to like, sign up, download, or share or register for an event.
Size, space and placement matters: Individuals generally take a quick look on e-mail rather than reading the whole thing, so it is essential for making the CTA prominent. CTA button will be most efficient on top of the site from where the message begins or the part of the site that is noticeable before the user is required to scroll. The dimension of button should be big enough to stand out without being overpowering. With the appropriate amount of negative area around the button, it can be more efficient and eye-catching.
Multiple call to action: There are times, where multiple CTAs are appropriate. For example if there are two call to action like “Take a Tour” and “Sign Up Now”, you may want to be concentrate on free trials, which is related to the signup button. Here is the key, you can either make the it bigger or highlight the button you want to focus on.    
In few words there are many ways to improve call to action, that impact the rate of conversion like, use bulletproof buttons which can be seen in the mail even if the pictures are blocked, language, content, split test, social networking integration etc. By enhancing this factor you can attract your visitors to take action help create your marketing strategy more efficient.


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