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content marketing mistakes

Are you losing your subscribers from the latest campaign? Not sure what happened ? Then you should consider reviewing your email campaign for some common mistakes. 
The most important element of your email campaign is content. Creating and distributing “valuable and relevant” content to attract and engage clearly defined audience is the most successful strategy for email marketing. There are two things to notice “relevant and valuable” and “clearly defined audience”. These two terms are most critical part of email content. In order to get success in email marketing you should focus on two key elements and avoid these mistakes.

1. Not developing customer personas
After the identification of your targeted viewers and audience you want to influence them positively, develop “buyers personas” for each targeted segment. A customer or buyer persona is a specific details of an example buyer that symbolizes the actual viewers – their objectives, issues, options, and decision process that impact their options. Developing a customer persona will tell you exactly who are you marketing to and what content will be most relevant and valuable to them.
2. Not having defined plan
You won’t have to be in a rush, if you planned out the content already. Set up an content schedule such topics as, writing deadlines, publishing deadlines, promotion deadlines which is assigned for each content, and any other information that keeps the procedure structured and controllable.
3. Lack of concentration on targeted niche
With so much details easily available on the Internet, you need to take a position out by concentrating on a targeted market segment that attracts your buyer persona. This allows you to show and share your exclusive and unique knowledge and entice a dedicated viewers.
4. Not keeping the fresh content
Regularly check if your content is relevant and up-to-date and what video clips, white papers, customer feedbacks and other details need to be refresh. You can also improve your content based on reviews from visitors.
It's also important to keep posting new, unique and relevant content regularly in order to entice viewers. 
5. Giving up too soon
It takes time to build relationship with audience. Don’t disturb your continuity and your patience will be rewarded.  
6. Not listening to people and using social media as a megaphone
Not using social media as a two way channel is the biggest mistake which marketers often does. It isn’t a platform for simply promotion, without interacting and listening to others and sharing information that is not your but may be help someone you’re connected to. If you are using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media avenues simply to shout about only your business, you are missing an invaluable opportunity to get closer to your key audiences and begin to better understand their needs.
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