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B2B and B2C marketing both have their one common favorite channel i.e. email marketing. As we know that this the most economic marketing channel. It is highly effective tool of direct marketing to sell your product, promote your business and brand or to get new clients and so on. Whereas the primary concepts of this channel never change, promotion to business and customers is not one and the same, so associates of these verticals must find different ways.

The main difference between b2b and b2c is, in b2c marketing world you need to emotionally motivate a person to purchase your product or service, since there is only one or two person involved in decision making process, the emails need to be brief and filled with emotionally compelling content and you will got a quick sale. But in b2b marketing your product or service are marketed in the front of high end profile company stakeholders, corporates rather than one or two individual. And the decision making process goes through a long chain of command from supervisors to managers or sometimes even the whole department.  
The other differences are as follows:
1. The information is the main concern in B2B, it has to be kept private and your reply should be ready if you want to be in or out. In B2B marketing via email channel you should offer legitimate details about your organization. The B2B email professional, will provide access to an useful information or guide. In B2C, if the recipient provide name, email address, contact details then it is obvious that he is interested and lead can be closed quickly and the product can be delivered instantly. In both cases, authorization is important
2. The subject line in both b2b and b2c marketing must be composed differently, although the basic concept would remain same, the subject line that determine a compelling message for your potential viewers and provide it in the right speech.
3. There is a problem in email list with B2B than B2C. The more targeted and less technical your potential customers are, the less number of B2B lists are available. Here in the list you get details about the prospect and his organization, like size, yearly income, job function etc. Out-of-date contact details is a big problem in B2B than in B2C. The B2B email address is untraceable once that contact person leaves company.
4. Marketers always considered B2B as an interesting option than B2C because of its step by step process of pushing a prospect down the path to close on sale of an expensive product. Because in B2B sale the quantity and quality is always better than retail sale it is the first choice of professionals.
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