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Email marketing essentially helps in pleasing two audiences: your individual subscribers and responsive spam filters. But, if your emails do not make it to customers' in-boxes, then what's the use of email marketing? Today, email deliverability is a big concern for any business person or online marketer who is using e-mail as a promotional channel. It is significant to understand email deliverability in perspective of the other e-mail metrics.

how to improve email deliverability

Reduced email deliverability can be a result of different factors, but no matter what's the reason, it will rapidly endanger your e-mail marketing program. Just go through these significant tips to improve your email deliverability:

1. Email verification
There are different methods used to verify a sender's domain including sender ID, DKIM (domain key identified mail) and more presently DMARC or domain-based message authentication reporting. It is essential that these things are in place and set up correctly. Though you are using an email service provider to send your messages, you may still have to update your SPF details for the sending domain, i.e. the from e-mail domain.

2. Clean your email list regularly
List cleanliness is, possibly, one of the most essential practices in email deliverability which comes after email authentication. It is also something you have total control over either you are hosting your own e-mail client or hiring a third-party service provider.

3. Reduce spam complaints with permission email marketing
Do not violate the relationship you have with your customers. They opted-in to get a definite kind of e-mail communication from you like newsletter and gave you authorization to mail them. But do not assume that they would also like to obtain your other messages like marketing e-mails or great offers. It is your liability to appreciate and respect their preferences.

4. Double opt-in to avoid email blacklists
Blacklists are every email marketer's nastiest nightmare. Decrease the risk of getting your IP address on these lists by employing a double email opt-in campaign. Create an opt-in verification email instantaneously after a user signs up and request them to verify that they would like to be added to your mailing list. When your subscribers say yes two times, you are less probable to wind up with a dirty list or deliverability issues.

5. Make use of constant from address and subject line
By using a dependable "from name" your customers will be used to of receiving email from you and will be less probable to hit the spam button. Make your subject lines obvious and simple to identify if your customers immediately know who the email is from, they will be less likely to report your messages as spam.

6. Pay attention to customer engagement
Engagement metrics are necessary when it comes to e-mail deliverability and this particular matter is going to play the best role in the future. It is not about the volume of your list, but somewhat the worth of your list. For any users that have not taken some kind of action in the past six months, think about sending your campaigns from a different IP address and making a re-engagement strategy for those subscribers. Keep your most energetic subscribers apart to make sure the highest e-mail deliverability and in-box placement rates.

7. Manage your email bounce rate
There are basically three kinds of bounces: hard, soft, and technical. You should have a method in place for controlling each of these bounce types that ensure you are having valid customers and removing those that are not.

Each aspect of your email marketing program is essential and should not be ignored—in terms of deliverability as well as whole campaign's efficiency. Whether your company is big or small, if you are doing email marketing, improving your email deliverability must be your top priorities.

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