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While working in the world of social revolution, it is easy to get eager about a novel campaign when we are stirred by hope or annoyed by discrimination. But, in the confusion of making change to happen, we can overlook the strategies and tools that truly help us in implementing our ideas for a better world.


Social media marketing allows a business to make a single message or whole campaign that influences social contact points where customers can like or share your message, and drive it more into the social network to get more customers. Just how far it goes depends on the quality of your content and how well you accomplish your social campaign.

Here are some ideas to make sure your social media campaign has a profitable trip:

1. Set your goals
It sounds contradictory to create parameters, targets and objectives for what is, preferably, a conversation, but do not forget this is a marketing campaign. And, campaigns ultimately depend on their objectives. Now, what do you want next? Awareness or openly driven sales? Want page traffic? Or to move into how your customers feel about your business – fine or awful?

2. Concentrate on essential metrics
Smart goals also involve details that can be deliberated. And, understanding exactly what measures will help you in navigating the ship in the cloudburst of the campaign. For instance, if your target is to create your e-mail list, assessing the rate of new customers and traffic to the sign-up forms will be more important than evaluating reach on social media.

3. Select your channels
Businesses can make use of e-mail marketing to repeatedly share campaigns and messages to social media fans, followers and e-mail subscribers. Not to mention that social fan pages and blog embeds are two important mediums you should not ignore. Various messages can run the entire range, but understanding the nature of your message help in determining which channels are most suitable for your business.

4. Launch your campaign with email-social templates
Generally, the best way to start your social media campaign is with e-mail and as technology has developed, this medium has become the best launch pads. So you do not have to reinvent the strategy every time you initiate a campaign, you will want email templates so that you can easily generate social media landing pages, develop engagement and send messages with specialized "Like" or "Fan Pages".

5. Create sample posts for sharing
Make it simple for your followers or supporters to get the word out about the marketing campaign you are carrying out. Just produce sample text for them to share with their friends. Insert those samples in the e-mails you deliver, and also on the landing page of the website for your campaign.

6. Evaluate and repeat your work
Since social media is significantly about relationships, constant response is needed to enhance them. Measuring your goals also help you find out where you are going. And, lastly, measuring stimulates new ideas to regulate and enhance the campaign. Evaluating your data is not just data clearance. It is innovation.

Therefore, a strong combination of social media and email marketing allows marketers to communicate with consumers, fan followings and supporters on a completely new and more personal level. By inserting your social media content into your e-mail marketing newsletters you can expand your visibility, use social media's viral effects and its capability to produce brand awareness and engagement instantaneously at the click of a mouse. This not only assures your website more traffic and offers you the access to new visitors, it allows you to show thought leadership as well.

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