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Rejuvenate Your Old Email List

If you are in email marketing profession then probably you have more than one email list for different campaigns and maybe you have some lists which you have not used for a while. Maybe you were sending regular communication to that list and you stopped due to some reason. 
If you want to reuse that list again then we are giving these tips so that you can use that old list effectively without any hassle.
Why should you bring life to your old list?
On an average 20 – 25% of email subscribers lost every years from your email database due to various reasons like change of job, change of email provider, or they just want to unsubscribe.
So if you are going to use that list, you will have bounces, a lots of bounces because many emails in that list became inactive due in this time duration and many have been unsubscribed. After that if there are some people who are getting your mail may be possible they won’t even bother to open your emails and delete them.

Rejuvenate your list before using it
All email service providers regularly monitor new accounts and new lists. They suspend those account which have high amount of bounce rate, spam or unsubscribe. They need to make it sure that their servers won’t end up being blacklisted. So if you don’t want to be considered as a spammer you should work out something for your old list. 
Re-engagement campaigns are best way to refresh the old list
A systematic way to freshen up your list is re-engagement campaign. The bottomline of a re-engagement campaigns is to recognize which part of your list you should retain and which section to eliminate. 
The re-engagement campaign:
1. Remove the inactive contacts from the list:
Remove the people from the list while going through it.
Also take this opportunity to segment the list, it will allow you to focus on your re-engagement email campaign to each segment and more easily recognize the members to remove later on.
It could be segmented by when they signed up, whether they open the last email you sent, whether they have ever visited a link in one of your emails or better still by their products or services choice.
Some email systems make this segmentation easy by enabling you to section instantly using smart details based on the members history. Check out what your system can do before trying to do this.
2. Make an effective strategy to get ‘em back:
Sending a regular same old newsletter will not get back your unengaged subscribers, you have to take something out of the box, something which have high value and importance for your engaged subscribers. Make sure that you customize these offers to match each of your segments. Each segment have their own priorities and differences, it could be useless for the segment what other segment thinks is highly valuable.
Create atleast 2-3 emails for every segment so that your unengaged subscribers have more probability to re-engage.
While creating email make your you craft them according to the spam filters. It’s going to be difficult to get people to re-engage when they see your email in their spam folder. Try to avoid keywords that can trigger spam filters like free, cheap, or buy in your email.
Start sending emails monitor the stats, remove those who don’t re-engage
Remove all the bounce backs and unsubscribes emails from the list. 
Those that simply click on the link in your email, well they are in.
The remaining numbers are little bit more subjective. There is a problem in confirming the opened emails because it may be possible that the receiver might have not displayed the images. Well you have to consider opens “in”.
Now only left are unopened. Try to attract them by sending special offer and see if they react or not. If they still don’t open or act you can drop of these users rather than keeping them as excess bags.
After the whole process now you have  a clean fresh list and you are locked and loaded to shoot the emails normally again.  


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