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The rising graph of email based threats like spam, spyware, phishing, botnets and other targeted email attacks are not only endangering the company network but also limiting the system security. Before switching directly to IP Reputation Management, it is necessary to first have a look on reputation management.

Reputation management, in simple words may be described as a process of deciding and assigning a reputation of an entity based on its action and deeds. In contrast to reputation management, IP reputation management ranks the IP addresses according to their reputation. It is used to detect weather a particular IP corresponding to an email generates a spam or unwanted emails. It is extremely helpful, effective and powerful method of unwrapping junk emails.

The use of IP reputation management is reaching to its acme day by day. All the companies weather big or small are opting this feature so as to stop all the spams and unbound connections from their ISP’s. A list is created the reputation of different IP’s. After the list is created, the emails coming from discredited IP addresses are completely rejected. The reasons for the poor reputation of an ip may be one of the following:-

1. The IP Address belongs to a system that is NOT an email server.

It might be an infected personal computer

It might be a compromised web server

2. The IP Address belongs to an ISP or email server that doesn't prevent outbound spam

3. The IP Address belongs to an ISP that doesn't respond to Spam complaints

4. The IP Address belongs a known spammer

5. The IP Address belongs to an email protection device or server that does 'Backscatter'.

The above factors contribute a lot in finding the solution to fix the problem created due to unwanted bulk emails. To get the problem resolved the first and the foremost step is to check the IP address of the incoming emails. Checking IP address is the easiest and also an authenticated way of tracking spammers.

As far as the advantages are concerned, no doubt, they are at its fullest. On the counterpart there are some detriments of IP reputation management. Sometimes along with the spam, lucid and coherent IPs also gets blocked. This may happen either when owner of an IP address get changed multiple times or due to the misunderstanding an IP which belongs to such a company whose most of the IPs are blacklisted.

The traditional methods for tracking the spammers and blacklisting are now days replaced by a more accurate approach based on IPs history. The reason for this replacement is the improper working of the previous methods. The better the spam filters are, the more are the chances of the message to get read which in turn is directly proportional to the success of the organization.

IP reputation is based on how much you volume the consistency of your sending mails, complaint rates, bounces, spam trap hits and content. The mail servers are using reputation system for how to deal with email.

Why do we look after??

The reputation of any company simply tells its deliverability. The checks are performed at the point of sending and delivering the message. If the history with that ISP is not good, then the messages coming from that IP are rejected and its reputation is assigned poor based on its algorithms.

Even if you are permitted to send the message, further checks may cause your message to enter in the junk folder. It directly indicates that the reputation is connected to the deliverability and without good IP reputation it is not possible to gain good deliverability.

The recent study tells that IP reputation is the only way of finding that weather the email reaches the inbox or not. It is the only cause of filtering in most of the cases. A good email reputation is the major factor detecting if the mail reaches the inbox.

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