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Are your email contacts going with the flow or are they just being inactive in your marketing database?

Fine, if you do not have any email workflow arrangement, then your answer is most likely the latter one; which also means you are lacking big chances to influence, connect, and look after all the people in your marketing database.


It sounds like a challenge, but you really can merge the business benefits of email automation with a unique personal style that speaks to your customers in a customer-centered way.

Automated emails contemplate, express or react to customers’ curiosity and actions. But email automation does not mean abstract treatment.

On the contrast, huge automated messages that integrate your company’s sole voice or qualities and provide solid worth to the customer are as close to one-to-one contact as you can get, and provide several benefits to your email marketing program. So, how can you make automated emails amazingly relevant and more personal? Here are some key elements of a really personal email:

1. It is useful:
Your emails should assist your customers live their lives a slight better. Remind them about significant life events like birthdays, anniversaries or providing tips for using your products to resolve problems.

2. It makes your organization more generous:
People like to listen from other people, not companies or sales divisions. Your email can put human being’s face on your company by highlighting the people who create a divergence in the customer experience, such as purchasers, customer service representatives or in-house specialists.

3. It replies to customer activities:
Have you ever purchased something pricey and special, and got a promotional email for the same product shortly afterward? Makes you feel truly great (not).

Rather than, use e-mail to thank your customers, cross-sell or up-sell with same products, aware them to proceedings that go with their purchases or interests, and repeat them to buy the products they left in their shopping carts or buy out before your stock finishes.

4. It uses expertise to provide social testimony:
Customer evaluations, recommendations and open comments in social networks can help adapt a prospect into a consumer. Your review and suggestion engines can produce the most appropriate comments into an automatic message that reveals your individual customer concerns.

5. It connects the customer ahead of purchase:
Most of the businesses treat birthday or anniversary messages as unusual object, but you can get more afflictions if you add an engagement persuader beyond the normal giveaway or discount promo. You can also revert back to your customer to inquire about their buying experience or to suggest the product.

At last, if you are acquiring good results, keep it up, despite what other businesses in your segment are doing. Sometimes different can reverberate with your customers on a more personal level.

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