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Now days email is the most preferred mode of communication because email is efficient, and it can deliver the message within blink of eyes. Email Marketing Companies are sending bulks of messages daily. All these messages are sending on behalf of the company and the products/services in which the company deals. A sound system is mandatory for such kind of online marketing companies as the entire business as well as the image of the company is totally dependent on the mailing system. So for the efficient mailing there is the need of SMTP server. It helps in making the emailing system fast and smoother. Email marketing company must have a SMTP server to have a robust system to perform better in this industry.

One of the biggest benefit of professional SMTP service is that brings to the table is it works around all those filters and email block mechanisms that hold off your emails. Once you transfer your mail to the SMTP server it will be keep on sending, If some failures occur it would be trying again and again. Eventually you do not have to worry about failed recipients. But if you are sending direct you will have to re-send to the temporarily failed recipients several times over to make sure that all the addresses are covered.

Benefits of SMTP Server
  1. Customized Configuration: If you have dedicated server then you have complete rights to make changes according your need.  
  2. Unique Mailing Structure: Dedicated Server provides you’re a unique IP address so your reputation is your, no one can affect your reputation. 
  3. Fast Delivery: Dedicated Server means a server which work only for you that's why your email not in queue, they deliver immediately after submission. 
  4. Reliability and security: It’s very reliable as it is available when you need it.
  5. Cost effective for Mass Mailing : If you have ample of subscribers and you send multiple newsletter in a month then Dedicated SMTP Server is cost effective system for you. 
It is inevitable to have faster transmission of the messages these days, whether you are having a tablet or a phone, SMTP server is necessarily required for every single gadget if the user wants to enhance the connectivity with the world. It is highly recommended for every user to install the proper SMTP settings to receive the benefit. This will allow them to send bulk mails through their gadgets and stay in touch with the other users. Moreover a company should always have a backup SMTP server those who are dealing in online marketing as it will help out if there is a sudden breakdown of SMTP due to overload.
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