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Best Bulk Email Service Provider in 2021

Alpha Sandesh is your answer to successful email marketing. Our services cater to global clients who enjoy high ROI through our well-devised programs. Connect with us today to enquire about our bulk email marketing services that are both efficient and affordable.

We provide customized and scalable solutions for ever-changing business requirements to clients. Whether your business goal is to send millions of emails per day to prospective customers and grow your contact list with us or want robust, dedicated IPs, we have the right solutions for you.

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Alpha Sandesh

Alpha Sandesh is a trusted bulk email service provider, a global leader in providing business communication solutions. We are reputed in servicing simple, cost-effective, scalable, and flexible solutions for your business to send personalized emails in to potential and existing customers.

Alpha Sandesh’s passionate team of specialists comes from various fields and cultures. We work together to bring a unique blend of knowledge, and expertise to provide our clients with unbeatable and quality solutions with reliable online and offline support.

What do we do?
We empower businesses and marketers with smart, efficient and advanced email marketing tools and resources which allow you to strengthen and grow customer relationships.

Our Vision:
Alpha Sandesh aims to provide futuristic client-focused solutions. We pride ourselves in crafting easily customizable, innovative and intuitive solutions that fit your unique business needs. Our solutions help growth in customer engagement numbers and make your business stand apart from competitors.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to continually explore new email marketing trends to help your business directly connect with your target audience and equip you with innovative tools to devise smart email marketing campaigns. With our comprehensive reporting and analysis tool, you can strategically promote your products and services in order to increase sales and ROI.

Countries Served

We work across the globe.

Satisfied Customer

98% Customers happy by Our Work.

Team Members

Professional & Trained Consultant.


Steps to Reach Success

Easily create and send email marketing campaigns to reach your target audience.


Initial Interaction

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Contact us now and let us create a customized solution that best fits your business needs.

Prepare for Emailing

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Import your email list and create an email campaign.

Send Emails

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Test and schedule your email campaign.


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Check real time statistics of your campaign, and reach your conversion goals!