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The best click-through rate is the deciding factor of a successful Email Marketing strategy. The click-through rate will lead to sales and an increase in profits. Hence, using the best-dedicated SMTP server services will help you achieve higher sales and income. The challenge is how to improve your email click-through rate in 2021 to take action and increase clicks on your email campaigns because increasing CTR is a great engagement for your customers.

When you use a reputed bulk email marketing service provider like Alpha Sandesh, you will benefit from using their best bulk mail software which has inbuilt features and tools that help in creating an attractive email campaign that is result-oriented and, you can learn how to improve your click-through rate in 2021.

What is the Click-through rate?

Click-through rate is the percentage of people who clicked on the link which was embedded in your email campaign. On average the Click-through rate is 4.20% when we look across industries.

There are two types of Click-through rates:

Unique click-through rate: This is the different click-through rate, which only records one click-through from a single person, even if that person clicks through 5-6 times. So, this can be considered the real picture of the people clicking your email.

Total click-through rate: This is the overall click-through rate that helps you see the forward rate engagement, repeat engagement, retain rate, etc.

The click-through rate is calculated using a simple equation:

Click through rate = Number of clicks on the link / Number of delivered emails * 100

So, how will you know if your click-through rate is good enough?

You will see an increase in sales.

You will see your income grow.

Monitoring your click-through rate every week will help you to determine the average rate and help you understand the trend and you will get to know that how to set up an email campaign to improve CTR.

How do you get more clicks on your email?

Now is an essential question, and there are simple ways to get people to click your emails:

             1.Subject Line and Preview text:

Your email subject line and preview text are essential for your readers to know what lies inside the email. They both must not only give a gist about the email content but also offer something unique and important to the readers

              2. Relevant Email Content:

Your email content must be relevant and relate to whatever the subject line and preview text had said. If the content is different from them, then you are going to lose the trust of your readers and they might simply ignore any further emails from you. Make sure you do not create a cheesy email, and your services and products do not relate to it. Be to the point to get great results.

              3. Insert images:

When you insert images in the email content, you are making it attractive and, you may also compel your reader to click through your email.

              4. Call to Action:

The call-to-action button or keywords are crucial in motivating your reader to click through the email and go to the landing page. When you have successfully managed to do, that you will achieve half your goal.

Apart from the above, when you use a complete and all-in-one customized package from the best bulk email marketing company like Alpha Sandesh, you can enjoy an affordable email marketing service and also reap the benefits of the best bulk email marketing software.